Meet our Instructors

  • Etienne Krige

    Etienne Krige

    Etienne Krige has a passion for training that is backed by many years of aviation and training experience. He started his career in the United States of America where he flew the Citation(CE500) professionally in Florida. He then continued his training on the FAA syllabus and completed his FAA ATPL as well as the A320 rating.

    True to his passion for teaching, Etienne provided training as a certified FAA ground instructor in the United States for over 4 years whilst training towards his JAA License. Thereafter, he provided training on the JAA/EASA syllabus for 8 years. As a testament to his extensive experience and knowlege at this stage he became involved in the UK CAA team that was responsible for the JAA conversion to EASA in Europe. With all this international experience he was called in to assist the SACAA with the set-up of the new syllabus since there were strong links to the EASA syllabus. Additionally, he was also instrumental creating the new syllabus for the Jordanian CAA, CARC.

    Today, Etienne is the Chief Ground Instructor for the Status Aviation Academy and is converting his passion for aviation training into the development of the new generation of pilots by shifting the paradigm on theoretical pilot training and development.

  • Lillith Ann Seals

    Lillith Ann Seals

    Lilith Ann Seals has been in aviation for many years, initially as a flying instructor at Grand Central Airport and then with SAA and various other airlines.  Her expertise started as a simulator instructor on B727, A300 and B747, and then as a line pilot for Flight Star, Air Mauritius, Air Namibia and Hydro Air Cargo on B747. 

    She is an ATP and a grade 1 instructor and was a Designated Examiner for 12 years, testing pilots in general aviation and the airlines.  She was Head of Training and Standards for Air Namibia for 3 years.  She has lectured in Air Law and Operational Procedures and Flight Planning to most of the pilots out there, and has a wealth of experience in training at all levels.

  • Monique Mundell

    Monique Mundell

    Monique has many years of Aviation experience ranging from cabin crew, piloting aircraft, safety management, quality assurance, operations and training.

    Together with her love for flying, Monique has a passion for training. Her drive for sharing information and giving back to the Aviation Industry is illustrated by the standard at which her students succeed in their exams and progress in their flying careers.

  • Carl Bollweg

    Carl Bollweg

    Carl matriculated from Hoërskool Linden in 1979. He qualified for his SAAF wings in 1983. His postings included 42 Squadron (Bosbok), CFS Dunnottor (Harvard), 84 LAFS (Cessna 185), 81 LAFS (Cessna 172, Cessna 402 and Beechcraft 58) and 41 Squadron (Cessna 208). In 1994 he joined Comair where he flew the Fokker 27, ATR 42 and the Boeing 737-200. In 2000 he moved to SAA. During his time at SAA, he has flown Boeing 737-200/-300/-800, Boeing 747 SP/-200/-300/-400 and Airbus 330/340. He is currently a Captain on the Boeing 737-800. He is the Vice President of the Airline Pilot’s Association of South Africa (ALPA-SA) and works closely with the International Federation of Airline Pilot’s Association (IFALPA) where he serves as the Regional Vice President of the AFI South Region.
  • Brian Wilford

    Brian Wilford

    Brian Wilford holds an ALTP, is a DFE 1(A) and Grade I Instructor. He was also an SA Air Force A1 Instructor. He is qualified in Safety Management and a qualified SACAA Flight Operations Inspector.

    He was Director Aviation Safety at the old DCA, General Manager Air Safety Operations, and Flight Operations Inspector and Manager Testing Standards at the SACAA. He held a Helicopter Commercial License and was CFI for a well known flying School. He also holds a National Pilot’s License for gliding. With 53 years of aviation experience he has much to offer Status Aviation and its students.