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    We believe a sustainable aviation industry consists of educated collaboration between its key players.

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    We believe a sustainable aviation industry consists of educated collaboration between its key players.


Our Vision

The South African Aviation industry leader in aviation qualification integration.

Our Mission

To challenge the status quo that licensing is the only vocational training for aviation professionals.

Our History 

A passion for wings combined with a drive for innovative business lead to the development of what is known as Status Aviation, “Innovation with Wings”.

Personal experience and engagement with various industry players led to the discovery that blind focus on regulated licenses separated channels of development between the education and aviation industries. This left the aviation industry uneducated in respect of the value of a South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) aligned education which not only recognises the skills acquired in the regulatory environment but also the application of knowledge gained from studying. Similarly, the education industry remained uneducated with regards to the opportunities for integration between outcome based learning and the existing regulatory syllabi.

Status Aviation set out on its mission to challenge this status quo, namely; licensing is the only vocational training for aviation professionals industry only to find that the barrier to innovation was more than a miscommunication between industries. It included a host of challenges such as; misalignment of the mechanics of South African Education System with those found in countries with a more developed education system, a history of failure by reputable providers to develop a workable solution, the scale of the South African Aviation industry, political agendas in a reform driven society etc.

These challenges motivated the founders of Status Aviation to initiate the development of a vehicle where educated collaboration within the aviation industry is fostered, as we believe that the sustainability of future aviation will be built on the culture of educated collaboration. The Da Vinci Institute and Status Aviation shares the dream of sustainability and, with its purpose of cultivating managerial leaders, it introduced the perfect foundation on which to build this vehicle.

The outcome of the collaboration between Status Aviation and The Da Vinci institute is the opportunity for aviation professionals to develop themselves, through further education, for the purpose of creating a sustainable future in aviation.


Our Offerings

Status Aviation focusses on providing qualifications and training for the aviation industry. Academic Qualifications are provided by the Da Vinci Institute in association with Status Aviation. Status Aviation aims to professionalise the aviation industry with accredited qualifications.

The most successful course, which is provided by The Da Vinci Institute for Technology Management in association with Status Aviation, is the Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management with the elective stream: Aviation Management.

This programme is designed for current and prospective aviation professionals from all parts of the industry. This qualification aims to give comprehensive insights into the management of people, systems, technology, and innovation in business with a focus on learning about the aviation industry through the aviation value chain, stakeholder perspectives, and collaboration. Suitable for all current and prospective members of the aviation industry including: Persons wanting to transition into the aviation industry, Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Cabin Crew, Operations managers, Safety Managers, Aviation Managers etc.Status Aviation has various solutions for the SACAA theoretical pilot training syllabus including:

  • Comprehensive Online Distance Learning
  • Full Structured Theoretical Knowledge Courses for CPL, and ATPL
  • Consolidation Courses for PPL, CPL, and ATPL and,
  • Examination Preparation Courses for PPL, CPL, and ATPL

SACAA ATO#: 0377 | CAASA #: S029

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